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*Fuse visual art, performance art and new creative technologies together to create an entertainment experience like no other.


*Enhance and expand Tennessee's tourism industry while establishing Nashville as the southeast's premier center for immersive art.  

*Serve as an art incubator in which local artists can explore and integrate new technologies into amazing new works.


*Develop arts education programs that will teach and inspire the integration of art and technology to young artists.


*Nashville's OWN (Otherworld Network) formed in August 2018 with the combined passion of creating Nashville's first large scale immersive art experience.  Thousands upon thousands of hours of work went into developing, building and operating


With a shoestring budget, a nearly impossible timeline and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Nashville's OWN completed it's debut exhibit at the Nashville Fairgrounds.  Since our January 2019,

OTHERWORLD ENCOUNTER has hosted almost 10,000 visitors 

We will continue to pursue our goa of providing sustainable income to the many talented artists in Nashville who have and will contribute to our experience, as we seek funding for a longer-term operation in Nashville.

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